08 January 2017


One Custom pair is $30
One Pre-Sewn pair is $25 
Flash Sales/Clearance $15


(2017 Update: Please accept my apologies for the 2017 increase to my ETSY shop's items. I need to be mindful of the rise in cost of materials, shipping  by the USPS, as well as, fees associated with listing on Etsy and for various for payment methods. Being compensated a little bit for my sewing time also makes sense.)

Custom- and pre-sewn gaiters may be purchased with a major credit card or PayPal through Etsy. Shipping & Handling is $5. Mailed first class by the USPS. Depending on your location, shipping may take up to one business week for custom orders and three+ business days for pre-sewn gaiters. No orders outside of the USA. Order Pre-sewn and custom gaiters through Etsy 

For the best custom fit, you will provide the information below: Sizing, Choice of Print, and Sneaker Brand/Model.

1. SIZING: US Sneaker and (Ankle Sizes)
Measure Ankle Size/Circumference one inch above the anklebone.

SW: Small Women's Sneaker 5.5-7.5 (Ankle Size 6.5 – 8 inches)
MW: Medium Women's Sneaker 8-10 (Ankle Size: 7.5 – 9 inches)
LW: Large Women's Sneaker 10+ (Ankle Size: 8.5 - 10 inches)
W Other: Women's Sneaker 10+ (Ankle Size: 10+ inches)

SM: Small Men’s Sneaker 4-6 (Ankle Size: 6.5 – 8 inches)
MM: Medium Men’s Sneaker 6.5- 8.5 (Ankle Size: 7 - 9 inches)
LM: Large Men’s Sneaker 9-11.5 (Ankle Size: 8.5 - 10 inches)
M Other: Men’s Sneaker 11.5+ (Ankle Size: 10+ inches)

What Size Do I Select?
  • First, choose a gaiter size determined by your shoe size. Shoe size is the most important selection if the gaiter is to properly fit over the shoe. You may also select fit regardless of women’s and men’s groupings as Gator Gaiters are unisex, non-binary, etc. If you are right between two shoe sizes, size down.
  • Second, check that your ankle circumference fits within the ankle size associated with the adjacent shoe-size selection. Ordering solely based on the ankle size will result in an improper fit.  The fabric has a 4-way stretch and will easily accommodate ankle sizes 1/4" beyond the listed range. If your ankle circumference is out of these ranges (plus the 1/4"), please contact me and I will help you choose the best custom fit for your shoe and ankle measurements.

You will select this in the custom gaiter Etsy listing from a pull-down menu. There are several custom listing options with a variety of fabric choices. If you see another fabric pattern on my site that you'd like for gaiters, please ask about it and mention the fabric by name in your message. I will confirm I have ample material in stock for your order.

3. YOUR SNEAKER BRAND (and model, if possible). 
These help me fine-tune and further personalize the fit. Include this information in a message to me when ordering.

Approximately 4-7 business days later:
  • 1 pair of custom Gator Gaiters
  • 4 strips of sticky-back Velcro (for sneaker backs)
  • 1 Business card with link to directions and info. 

Sewn from 4-way spandex fabric, all gaiter seams are serged and finished with a cover-stitch. Soft Velcro loop is stitched to the back inside of the gaiter. This secures the gaiter’s heel section to your sneaker when coupled with the piece of sticky-back Velcro hook affixed to your shoe. Reflective tape/ribbon secures the metal gaiter hook to the shoe’s front laces.

**Please note that due to their light-weight, breathable, non-water-proof fabric, these gaiters are not are recommended for rugged thru-hiking, orienteering, or snowshoeing.

To preserve the longevity of your gaiters please hand-wash them in cool water with a mild detergent. If you use a washing machine, toss them into a fine-mesh laundry bag so the hooks do not snag. ALWAYS AIR DRY.

To view In-Stock Print Patterns
visit my Etsy Shop.

Custom Order Option returns to Store in mid-January, 2017

No.1 Custom Gaiters Fabric Options:

No.2 Custom Gaiters Fabric Options

No.3 Custom Gaiters Fabric Options

No.4 Custom Gaiters Fabric Options

No. 5 Custom Gaiters Fabric Options

No. 6 Custom Gaiters Fabric Options

No. 7 Custom Gaiters Fabric Options
No. 8 Custom Gaiters Fabric Options

To purchase Custom and Pre-Sewn 
Gator Gaiters go HERE.

Happy Trails.

Please note that both Custom and Pre-sewn 

Gaiters are non returnable/non-exchangeable. 

30 June 2016

Material, Dimension & Size

Gator Gaiters are sewn from high quality 4-way stretchy fabric (polyester, nylon, and spandex blends). Seams are serged and finished with a cover-stitch.

Added safety with REFLECTIVE fabric at the toe clip area.

Depending on size, Gator Gaiters measure 6 to 8 inches in height and 6 to 8.5 inches in length. A metal toe/gaiter hook is attached under the best shoelace that creates a comfortable fit. 

Determined by shoe size and ankle circumference (measured inch above ankle bone).

SW: Small Women’s Sneaker 5.5-7.5 (Ankle Size 6.5 – 8 inches)
MW: Medium Women’s Sneaker 8-10 (Ankle Size: 7.5 – 9 inches)
LW: Large Women’s Sneaker 10+ (Ankle Size: 8.5 - 10 inches)
W Other: Women’s Sneaker 10+ (Ankle Size: 10+ inches)

SM: Small Men’s Sneaker 4-6 (Ankle Size: 6.5 – 8 inches)
MM: Medium Men’s Sneaker 6.5- 8.5 (Ankle Size: 7 - 9 inches)
LM: Large Men’s Sneaker 9-11.5 (Ankle Size: 8.5 - 10 inches)
M Other: Men’s Sneaker 11.5+ (Ankle Size: 10+ inches)
I make each gaiter in my studio— from hand-cutting the material to sewing on the special gaiter hook and Velcro.

30 September 2015

How to Wear Trail Pixie Studio's Gator Gaiters

First-Time Preparation:  
Attach one piece of sticky-back Velcro to a clean and dry heel section of each shoe. Center the strips. 

(If the heal of your sneaker is grooved or you foresee running through A LOT OF water/mud, you may want to adhere the Velcro strip with additional glue like, Velcro glue, E6000, Gorilla, Epoxy, etc. If adding this step, wait 24 hours for glue to cure before using. Glues like these are available at your local hardware store.)
Put on your sock. Gently slip the gaiter over your sock and heel. Slip into your sneakers and lace.
Position the gaiter with toe hook out front, tuck your laces under the gaiter fabric, and fasten the metal hook under a lace near the front toe box.
Position the back of the gaiter over the shoe’s heel and align Velcro pieces for secure attachment. Adjust the gaiter over the top of the shoe and laces.

Trail Pixie Studio's  Gator Gaiters are lightweight, non-bulky and cool. They differ from mountaineering gaiters; expect a looser & comfortable fit around your ankles. They are not waterproof but if they get wet, they dry out very quickly.

Care: For best results hand wash with mild liquid soap after each outing or when soiled. Air dry to preserve the elasticity of the fabric. If machine washing use a zippered garment bag to prevent snagging.

29 September 2013

What Are Gator Gaiters?

Gator Gaiters are worn over sneakers to prevent pebbles, dirt and debris from entering one’s shoes.
 For trail runners, fast-packers, hikers, walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Best suited for shoes that lace with a closed-back heel. They work over most trail shoes but NOT heavy-duty hiking boots.  
And...they are microspike compatible!

 Trail Pixie Studio's GATOR GAITERS help protect against poison ivy and deter ticks from working their way into your shoes & laces.